Thursday, February 2, 2012

A must have....

There was a time when I asked myself, "What am I doing here?"
It used to consist of getting up, going to work, coming home and going to sleep.
Life is too precious not to have purpose.
Purpose is what gives me my drive. Knowing that my goals are attainable gives me purpose. But what is it that stops us? What gets in our way?
Is it fear, laziness,ignorance? For me it used to be FEAR. Fear of rejection, failure or just being out of my comfort zone. Not many people like being out of their comfort zone. There's no challenges in the comfort zone. You always know the next step and what the results are going to be.
Dreams only come true when we realize that taking risks are an important part of life. If it weren't for people taking risks we would still be living in trees. Smart people take risks everyday. They get out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves with a deep belief of success.
We are all capable of success. Of living our dreams, when we put our minds to it and know what we are capable of. Which happens to be the tricky part. Our minds are filled with "I can't" and "don'ts." We need to realize that life is filled with opportunities. Filled with reasons to learn and read. Life is a journey not a destination. Live well and to the fullest. This is another book that I love. It's free!!! The Science of Getting Rich

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It is Possible to Replace a Habit

A habit is neither bad or good -- IT'S A HABIT



Let me share with you a simple way to develop a new habit and overcome another.

Our working memory operates within a limited capacity.
As a result, most of our actions come from our stored memory (where habits live)

Now as far as our stored memory, we have -- trillions of pieces of data!!
It's a STURDY hardwiring process.

So if you think about something or do something a few times, it's going to go directly into your stored memory and show up as needed.

Of course, your brain operates to be accommodating and only provides you:
- what you have given it,
- what you have focused on more then once,
- what you have done more then once,
- what you have desired more then once.

So, What have you focused on that keeps showing up in your life?

Some work, some don't

If you'd like to know more, I would be happy to converse with you on this topic.

If you'd like to overcome a habit and create a plan of action around a new one, perhaps an better one, it would be my pleasure to serve you.

Make it a great day, you deserve it!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Are you willing to allow things to work for you?

What’s amazing is that you can take a normal person that’s living an everyday average life and they have no idea what their absolutely capable of doing; and you plug them into a program, help them shift their mindset and all of the sudden you have someone that was just struggling just to make ends meet to someone who has the potential of making a six figure income - it's absolutely mind blowing.

I have experienced this first hand and have the tools and the environment for people to lead a more satisfying life through emotional and financial wealth.

A program that helps people overcome any limiting beliefs that might be holding them back in life.

Simply by changing mindsets and habits....a personal development program that has helped people accomplish more than they thought possible, do more then they ever imagined and become more than they dreamed.

The tools to improve your life and exceed your goals.

This program employs a very simple philosophy:
You Have The POWER To Make Any Change In YOUR LIFE That You Want To Make.
Based on the premise constructed in a thorough system that works from the inside out. As you alter habits and small details in your daily routine, your life begins to change for the better.

The program takes you on an inner journey that will result in extraordinary outer growth. As you experience this program you will approach each day positively and proactively. Weight loss, improved financial results, more effective communication or better relationships - whatever you want for your life. The program shows you how to achieve the results you desire

The most interesting thing that a person will ever look at, in their entire life, is “themself”.

People have no idea how much potential is inside them, until they find themselves in the right environment, with the right community and involved with the right vehicle.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wake UP to Succes - Why does Joe succeed and Tom doesn't?

Joe and Tom start a business on the same day.
They have the same training, the same presentation, the same system and the same support.
And yet Joe achieves the position of success very quickly and is able to make money; while Tom is spinning his wheels.

What's the difference? Why is "Tom" not making money?

Firstly of all, this article is not directed to anyone in particular. Unless you think it is. I take the position, that every person reading this has WITHIN THEMSELVES exactly what it takes to be successful. I see everyone as successful right now.
So, this article is to provide some insight on why someone you know in a business -- we'll call him "Tom" -- who might not be getting his desired results. Maybe Tom is someone you know. Maybe Tom is someone whom you'd like to help.

The following are some things that come to mind that I believe keep people "stuck".

Do this: picture a person standing with his shoulders slumped. He's looking at his feet. He's kicking the dirt with his toe. He's got his hands in his pocket. Now, this person might be the nicest person in the world, but everything about his posture says "Leave me alone", even if he's starving to talk to someone. Now, you can even picture what that person sounds like on the phone as well. Tom has no confidence.
Confidence is vital. It breeds success. And the recipe for confidence is simple:
- feel good about yourself,
- feel good about what you're doing and
- have a very clear vision of what your life is going to look like in the next few weeks because of what you're doing.
If "Tom" will get very clear on his goals, he'll be more confident and he will present himself as someone that people will want to spend more time with.

I see this from time to time. "Tom" is so desperate for a sale that he feels the need to use language that is meant to "entice" a person. And it doesn't work. It only makes Tom look more desperate.
What are some examples? Tom doesn't use his support system. He wants to answer all the questions. And then he announces that he made a great connection and has a possible sale, that doesn't. Or Tom might follow the system, but in the end, starts to over talk and comes across as trying to convince a prospect with his opinion. Or worse, he'll call back the prospect after a presentation to check thier interest level and try to convince a 3 to be a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. He'll spend time "overcoming objections" and trying to get the prospect to be more interested than he is. The best thing Tom can do is to shut up and just stick to the system. Because this is not a business of "selling" people. It's a business of sorting. And the sooner Tom figures this out, the more money he'll start making.Sir Isaac Newton had it right: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The more time Tom spends chasing prospects, the more they will run away from him.

This is a big reason why people like "Tom" choose to stay stuck. He's constantly getting ready to work his business.You've seen this guy. This is the guy who has been in the business for a week and has still not put a single person on the presentation calls. Not one. He's still going through his starter kit. He's rehearsing his voicemail script for the 25th time. He's calling to ask which 800Link package he needs to get.The solution for "Tom" is simply to tell him this: "Tom, if you're serious about this business, here's what you have to do: go find 6 people to put on the calls in the next 24 hours. Call me after they get off the line and we'll get their questions answered."That's it.That's the business.Not spending another week "getting ready". "Getting Ready" is a common trap for people like Tom. Make sure that you teach him to avoid it.

This is the simplest but it seems some people fall for it. Tom is attending all the training calls. He's attending the team calls. He's "around" the business all day. But he's not calling leads. He's not putting people on presentation calls. He's not doing followups or three-ways.In short, he's not doing anything that makes money. He's "around" the business but not "in" the business.And simply put, the only solution is for Tom to get off his ass and go to work. Nothing happens until Tom moves.'s time to get going! Money is waiting on you but it's not going to come over and jump in your pocket! Go get it!

This is one that no one thinks they have. And yet every "Tom" I've met seems to have at least a mild case of it. They deny it but it's there.Here's the deal: "negativity" does not mean "unfriendly". Or "rude". Or "abrasive".I'm thinking of a "Tom" right now. He is one of the most negative people I know but he's very friendly. Very cheerful. Very happy-go-lucky. If you met him, you'd think he's a fun guy to be around.But, "Tom" is a negative person because -- underneath all that happiness -- he doesn't really expect good things to happen for him. He doesn't really think he's going to make money today. He doesn't really think that his leads are going to be any better than yesterday's. He is actually expecting things to NOT go his way.And he's always right. Because the law of attraction says we don't get what we want....we get what we vibrate. And "Tom" is vibrating a negative expectation of his goals. So, that's what he gets: no goals.This is an insidious one. Because, in good people, negativity often hides underneath a veneer of positive attitude. But it's still there, lurking underneath, sabotaging all the right things you're doing.How would Tom know if this is what's keeping him stuck? Simple. Ask Tom to make the following statement: "I am going to earn $_____ this week" and then ask him honestly if he feels like he's telling the truth or not. If the answer is anything but a 'yes' or takes longer than 2 seconds to answer....then he really doesn't believe what he's saying.And that brings me to the biggie....

Read this carefully! Every "Tom" I've seen in this business has got this one.....and every one of them would also claim that it's not their problem.There are three levels of belief: hope, expectancy and certainty. Obviously you have to have a certain level of belief to get started. But "Tom" is forever stuck in hope. He doesn't really believe that he's going to be the guy earning thousands of dollars in a day or a week.He'll write the affirmations.He'll carry a goal card.He'll attend the training calls.He'll go through all the motions.But, at the end of the day, he won't take ownership of his own belief system.Here's one litmus test; it's not the only one but it's an easy one: most of the time Tom has never bought his conference tickets.Why? It's not because he doesn't have the money. It's because he doesn't really believe that he's going to make enough money to recoup that cost.And -- boom -- just like that. There it is: the lack of belief that is keeping him from making sales.Belief is the bottleneck for all action. You can have all the belief in the world but you only get credit for the amount of belief that you're willing to ACT on. So, if someone says "Oh, I believe this will work...I just want to make some sales at the BF level before I buy my tickets..."...., well that person is basically saying "I don't believe it and I need to prove something to myself."And that's the problem: when you have no belief of your own, you CANNOT prove anything to anyone, including yourself.The good news is that Tom can solve this problem easily, too. If Tom didn't believe that ducks existed, all Tom would need to do is go find a duck. If Tom didn't believe that someone could type 90 words per minute, Tom would just need to find someone who's doing it.Evidence creates belief.And, if Tom wants to operate at high belief, all he has to do is see all the evidence around him for how people just like him are getting phenomenal results in their business.And then take action on that belief himself. Buy the leads. Go to the conference. Attend a training event. ANY action that is based on belief will plant a seed of achievement in your business.


Hopefully, this article will be of value to "Tom". He's a powerful guy but he's bought the lie that he's got to struggle in order to be successful.

So, my final words to "Tom" are these:
Tom, don't ever let anyone tell you that you're not powerful. You are. And you have everything within you that you need to be successful. But you're going to have to get off your're going to have to follow the system....and you're going to have to be bold and courageous in your decision-making.And when you do that...when you take your foot of the brakes....when you leap.....when you exhibit real belief in who you are and what you're doing.........that's when you will start making money so quickly you'll wonder where it's been hiding all this time.Now. Go do it.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wake Up to Success - BEING THE LEADER

The CAR… simple as four wheels, combustible engine, steering wheel, seats. It wasn’t just an improvement on the horse and buggy, as primitive as it was compared to today’s cars.

Henry Ford is famous for saying “If I had given them what they wanted, I would have just given them a faster horse”

But that’s not what he did; Fords brilliance was to say….“If I want to go from point A to point B and if I was willing to forget everything I know about transportation with a horse and buggy, how would I do that?” and he completely skipped from walking to riding in an automobile, skipped over the whole concept of hooking a horse to a wagon. You see for years the world was stuck on the horse and buggy; big buggies, carriages, one horse buggies, four horse buggies and the passenger buggies. And Ford was willing to say, “If I were to completely scrap the existing method, how would I go about it?”

Point being, this is exactly what Brent Payne and Shane Krider did when they started Liberty League International. They looked at what was out in there in the marketplace and said “You know, that’s not going to work”; “All those things over there…those are designed for people that want to wait five to ten years down the road to become wealthy” and those other business models “No, that’s really designed for people who want to spend their time convincing people that they want to buy products every month” and so on. What Brent and Shane have put together is light years ahead, a simple business that’s designed for one type of person, the person who wants to play big in life and wants to get it done today, that’s who Liberty League is designed for.

So if I were to forget everything I know about network marketing and the other forms of business models; Liberty League is simply free enterprise in its most purest form; plain and simple. It’s a direct sales business with a built-in referral system. If you were to go outside of the home based business world, where people don’t understand the language, as far as, team building and you were to describe what we do to a realtor or someone in manufacturing the best way to describe it would be a direct sales business and it has a built-in referral system. It’s a drop ship business where you simple receive orders and then you pay the company to fill the orders. That’s it. It’s a simple business where we run an ad, when people respond and they sound like their more interested in becoming wealthy then working at a job, we invite them to listen to our presentation conference call. Someone else does all the explaining for us, a top earner in the company at that; then we have a follow up conversation where we bring someone else on the line to answer their questions. Customer buys the products, we get paid. Simple as that.

This is a business of putting people on presentations and collecting decisions and at the end of the day, I’m simply just a tour guide. I’m not convincing anyone to join and I’m not engaging in debates or overcoming objections (tip: if they have objections, they’re not a prospect – they’re happy where they are, they want to stay where they are)

So when you take a fresh look at what we do….to earn a substantial amount of money and allows us time freedom…. most of this business is delegated to someone else in the company. I don’t do the presentations or answer questions from my guests. My involvement is not only to be in receiving mode, but being the leader. When I show up in my business, whether it’s returning phone calls or answering questions for someone else on my team, my key role is that I’m being the leader myself. That’s the key, keeping it simple and being the leader.

I picked up this personal development magazine this pasted weekend and there was an article about a man who walked into a restaurant and a customer walks up to him and says “Hey Jack, the coffee always tastes better when you make it. I love when I see that you’re working, because I know the coffee is going to be great!” and Jack was sort of confused about this, because he was telling a friend…”everyone here makes the coffee the same way, it’s an automated machine, we fill the water to the line and all the coffee comes in pre-measured packets, we all push the same button, the water always comes out the same temperature, so how can it be that he thinks my coffee tastes better?” Well here’s the thing….Jack always washes the pots out before he makes coffee and he always uses the freshest packs of coffee and he doesn’t leave the filters dripping over the pot, dripping bitter water into the coffee. In other words Jack’s being the leader; Jack’s taking ownership of what he’s doing. He was making coffee just as simply as anyone else, but it wasn’t what he was doing, it was how he was doing it, it was who he was choosing to BE. And that is the metaphor that I’m taking on to my business today.

This business is as simple as making coffee. We run ads, we have conversations and we put people on presentation calls, then we bring a third party on the line, probably someone not even connected with the sale, they knock out a couple of questions, they’re either in or out or they’ll want to think out it, whatever, they’ll end up listening in on a Friday morning wake up call and make a decision one way or the other. And here’s the thing, the only variable in this business is me and the only variable in this business is you. We’ve all got the same system and when you really look at it for what it is; this system is really simple and we could over complicated and convolute it, but the fact is that anyone could use this compensation plan to reach their financial goals.

So it’s about our level of belief and our own willingness to show up in our business as the leader.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wake UP to Success - Credibilty and Authenticity

Being real and having results that are self evident and how so much of ones power comes from simply being someone who’s being real and getting results.

This is a very powerful yet simple topic.

Credible – having the quality of something that is believable; inspiring trust and confidence.

People are looking to connect with something that is real; that’s what people want. Ultimately on an emotional level if you were to strip away products and pay plans, money and opportunity the basic driving core need of everyone is that we want to be connected to something that is real and satisfying. That’s what people are looking for.

On so many levels here at Liberty League…
- Whether it’s who you’re being when you call a prospect,
- If it’s what the prospect hears when they attend the live orientation call,
- It’s when a prospect gets their questions answered after the orientation in a powerful way.
Through the entire process the prospect really just wants to be connected to something that’s real; that’s what their looking for and they do, there’s a reason why Liberty League is one of the fasting growing companies in two different industries, it’s because people are looking for authenticity and they’re finding it here.

In analyzing this business, you can find true authenticity in every category.
▪ Our live presentation calls have credibility, we have 21 calls every week – all live, not full of wild energy or false enthusiasm, the host is there - relaxed to get a simple message across –that if you’re willing to make a few simple but powerful decisions and you’re willing to follow a proven system, you can live a magnificent life.
▪ Our testimonials are genuine and clearly identifiable; you can’t fake the truth when a single mom is able to follow a simple system and now owns more then a million dollars in real estate. Or when you hear the results of others that they went through the Beyond Freedom course and I put back together a marriage – that’s real, AUTHENTIC and the credibility that I was looking for.
▪ And when we open the lines for questions and some of the best questions show that people are really thinking; that they are really looking for that emotional connection. When people ask “How do I know this is real” and they get an answer that serves them; it’s an opportunity for the host of that call to show leadership, power and strength that serves everyone on the line, because one person chose to be honest and ask “I just want to know if it’s really possible”.

It’s all about being real and authentic with people.

And you don’t have to be polished and in a three piece suit.
Prospects are more interested in you being you.
And when they see you choosing to live your life authentically as a powerful leader who’s on a path to a place they’ve never been and you’re reaching people by showing them what they have to do to get there. That’s what people respond to….and it’s rare, authenticity is rare, flip on the television and see the uninspiring ads that are out there, where the best the ad can do is rely strictly on hype to get someone to buy something…..and what most people are use to……some over the top message.

That’s the difference between power vs force and when you’re being authentic, the leader that really is on the path, then you have power and the people you deal with on a daily basis will get that. Being real has power and people can tell the difference. People respond to authenticity and when you bring the credibility into it, when they see someone getting results with hard facts, they realize this is an industry that people are spending 9 billion dollar - self education products - so that people can get out of what they’re into, to learn how to grow and be more today then yesterday. There are 10’s of thousands of people sitting in conference rooms hoping to learn how to get better results….better then what they have produced on their own.

Our testimonials of people sharing where they were and where they’re going are all inspiring and make you think “I’m glad I answered that ad” or “Man, if I hadn’t answered that ad” or “Man, if I had fallen into that -- this is too good to be true trap” which have kept so many people out of the right opportunity.
Or maybe people won’t even language it that way, but people know when they have connected to something real.

To the degree that you can get this….it will spring board your life.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wake UP to Success - Law of Least Effort

Parkinson Law – Work will always expand to fill the amount of time you give it.

For instance….if a guy says he’s going to build a deck and says “I’m going to build a deck this month”, it’ll take him about a month to build the deck and the same thing if he says “You know what, I’m going to build a deck this weekend”.
The funny thing is…that if you chart that guys exertion, (in terms of how much actual work is required), you’d find that he’s not working a whole lot harder to get a deck built in a weekend as he does to spread it out over the entire month. He’s working more on purpose, more efficient with his actions.

Getting more done in less time, the Law of Least Resistance – the Law of Least Effort
Holding it to a place where you can get in your personal development so that who you’re being is so unbelievably powerful that people are irresistibly drawn into your business.

The concept is that things will take as long as you expect them to take.
One of the great ways to move fast is massive actions.
Massive action creates massive results.
And here we have the idea that we want to create wealth by attraction (power) as oppose to force.
So the balance between the two is….
For example a Star Trek mental picture - when Captain Kirk wants to go on warp speed “How much extra work does he have to do?” None, he simply says “Warp Speed” and the button is pushed.
And that’s the way this business works and actually how everything in life works….it’s all about the decision….it’s all about choice…’s about letting go of the things that have clogged up the pipeline of prosperity; getting rid of the blocks and accepting the idea and belief that “I don’t have to work six to seven hours a day or call hundreds of leads to create the kind of income I want.” “I’m going to be able to create all the prosperity that I desire and I’m going to be able to do in record time and in an easy free-flowing experience while I’m living in my freedom right here and now.”

Easy Free-Flowing Experience – Money, Love, Physical Health, Fun and Laughter
An incredible life created on purpose.

Plan it that way!

Lead by example…Lead by attraction….Show the possibility.

I start my day with my son, journaling, listening to jazz music, on the sundeck getting things ready for the day. Every day I start my day “enjoying the day”.

I have friends that in the real estate market, they’re doing loans and they say to me “You know you’re always out doing activities with your son, going to the NY Woman’s Basketball games at Madison Square Garden, going to the water parks, out bike riding with your son. And what I say to them “The thing you don’t understand about my business is if I’m not out on the beach, if I’m not out at a baseball game or out skateboarding with my son, I’m not making money”. They stop and say “How is that?” And I explain that it’s about showing the possibility, leading by example/attraction. If I’m not having fun, if I’m cooping myself up in an office, I’m not making money. People have to see the possibility

If I’m not having fun, I’m not attracting that type of lifestyle.

Live in the flow and live by example.
Try not figuring it out….

In fact, when you figure out that you don’t have to figure it out, just do the income producing activity, you’ll start living your life and making a lot of money.

Look at how we live life; if you want to go to dinner, you get in the car and start driving, not knowing what’s in between you and the restaurant. You have no clue, so you run into a red light, what do you do? You deal with it, you stop; you run into a detour, you go around it; someone is crossing the street, you slow down for them,
Everywhere in life, we start and figure it out along the way, but when people get started in a home based business, people start to feel like they can’t really move until they know everything and it’s one of the worse things you can do.

Paralysis by Analysis

It takes a lot of rewiring of your brain to get to the point of letting your ego go on how things need to happen and really allowing yourself to follow the people that come before you and following a proven system.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So you want to know how to get into profits FAST

Q: How do I get into profit fast?

The faster you dive into the community, product and training calls; the faster you have guest of your own on the presentation calls and calling your advisor to have them answer your guests questions; the faster you move into that activity, the faster you will see results. Keep things simple, don’t reinvent the wheel – JUST MOVE!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wake UP to Success -- FREE - Freedom and Free Enterprise

Do you realize how unapologetically right it is for someone to want to be wealthy?

Despite some of the conditions we may have grown up with…
We all have these conditionings and dominantly the mass consciousness is that it’s more spiritual to be poor…if you’re wealthy, then you have your priorities out of whack.
And again - it is unapologetically right for someone to want to be wealthy, because your wealth is a direct measurement of the level of service you’re providing to others.
If you’re earning your money because of service, then you should want to be a billionaire, because that means you’re serving a lot of people in a grand way.

Let’s touch on how Free Enterprise works in terms of how people get more use value from something that maybe we receive from cash value and that’s how it’s suppose to work.

In my previous posting we touched on how we came to be in a position that most Americans are not involved in free enterprise and their emotionally disconnected from a lot of what’s going on around them, so the average person today has basically chosen to give up the ability to be involved in free enterprise and be employed. So their selling their time in eight hour chunks, giving away the best part of their day, their energy and emotion in exchange for a wage and that is time that they are not able to invest in relationships or connected with their families or even their physical lives to exercise, read and develop their intellectual pursuit; which all requires that a person has a reason amount of time that was sold to an employer.

(Don’t get me wrong employers are good guys, they’re the ones that are willing to take the risk and get involved in free enterprise and provide a service or a product that has real value to the end consumer, and he’s actually the hero. This is not about good, bad, or wrong, right, it’s about two people that made two different choices. One engaged in free enterprise and has complete control of his earning abilities and the other person who chose to be an employee is in a situation where he doesn’t really have any control on how much he earns and only has a certain amount of time that he could trade for dollars.)

Here’s the point, we can simply choose to do something today to make money, that’s free enterprise. Profits are better then wages.

Liberty League is engaged in the purest form of free enterprise on the planet, it’s a basic retail direct sale with a built in referral system that provides a massive amount of leverage.

Free enterprise is wonderful because it’s based on a volunteer exchange of value. Why does anyone buy anything? Because someone wants something more then they want the money in their pocket that it takes to own it. It’s a free exchange between two people. Why does someone drive a Bentley?; or Who in the world would pay $300 for a pen?; or $40K for a wedding celebration or maybe even a unique collector’s item or a hot item like the newest Apple iPhone where someone really wants the phone and is willing to pay $1K for it on ebay and because it’s a voluntary exchange of value, it’s a completely valid transaction and they absolutely deserve the $1K for the sale of the phone and the other person will be completely happy that he owns one of the hottest phones on the market that’s hard to just go into a store and buy.

There’s an unlimited amount of money in this world and when you really learn how to manifest money into your life and do it with ease and some free flowing attitude you almost feel as if it’s unfair where all you’re doing is giving someone paper in exchange for what you want, it feels unfair because you can always generate more paper. I can go manifest thousands and thousands of dollars because of being someone being involved in free enterprise, so it’s exciting to buy what you want in exchange for paper and when you’re involved with free enterprise it’s like you own the printing press. So here at LLI and free enterprise it’s a way of getting into that flow where there’s no limit.





Monday, July 9, 2007

Wake UP to Success - BOGO FREE {Free Enterprise}

You can always get everyone’s attention when you advertise BuyOneGetOne Free

Freedom and Free Enterprise

Liberty League International is in the business of creating Freedom with the most powerful form of free enterprise on the planet.

We live in a country in which we are afforded certain liberties just by right of being a citizen; for example, the average American has a great deal of political freedom (generally speaking as long as you’re not imposing on the rights of others); but time and financial freedom are not something that most Americans can enjoy. And because of the two dominate issues (lack of time and financial freedom), most people also have very little emotional and spiritual freedom; the time to be able to really engage in the things that make a person feel complete as a human being.

We all know the routine well:

  • a man and women wake up in the morning, kisses someone good-bye, puts the kids in the back seat, then puts them in the arms of strangers or day care, then they go to a job where they’re selling their time and productivity to somebody else at whole sale prices, then pick up the kids, go to the drive through and pick up a bucket of fast food, everyone eats and after watching a couple of hours of television, everyone goes to sleep to get up and do it all over again the next day.

That’s the lives of many many many people.

  • There’s a Dad right now sitting somewhere thinking about how his little girl just graduated high school and is going to college shortly and he spent the best years of her life absence, having to work long hours so she could have what she needed. And yes he did it and deserves a pat on the back for doing what he had to do to help his family survive, but here’s the thing…..emotionally at what cost? Would he give anything to have those years back? There are plenty of single moms that are working two jobs to come up for extra cash to pay for necessities.

You can bear witness to the lack of time and financial freedom anywhere you go. And the two combined has created an even bigger problem, which is the emotional cost of not being connected to the people we love.

  • There’s a Dad out there trying to figure out how he’s going to pay for his daughters wedding and the only option he has is to go out and take a loan to pay for his daughters wedding.

And most of these emotional problems (lack of freedom and split emotional families) are connected to how the people in our society have chosen to make money.

  • In 1931, a young college student from Britain came to the United States on a traveling scholarship and was shocked and amazed that in the land of so much opportunity so many Americans wanted to work for companies instead of working for themselves. So when he returned to England he wrote a paper on “Why in a free enterprise economy would a worker voluntarily submit to direction by a corporation instead of selling his or her own output or service directly to a consumer in the marketplace.” That student was Ronald Coase, 1991 Nobel Laureate in Economics

A man received a Nobel Prize for asking the same question we’ve all asked ourselves - “Why on earth would I want to work for someone else?”

JOB ??? who wants a job? It’s probably the worse way to make a living. Could you make more money if you did something on your own?

Did you know the word “job” did not mean what it means today?

  • A hundred years ago a blacksmith would go out and get jobs...….Farmer Brown wants me to shoe his horse and Farmer Green wants me to make him some axes.

A job was something a self employed person would do. Then the industrial revolution/assembly line came along and companies started coming to people saying to them:

  • “If you’ll come down to our factory and punch this clock we’ll give you regularity of pay and you won’t have to worry about the weeks when Farmer Brown doesn’t need you to shoe his horse. You don’t have to do anything but show up and do what we tell you and we’ll give you a raise every now and then and we’ll make sure that your family is provided for because we’re going to give you a job."

And that’s where the word “job” shifted in meaning. And just like that the citizen gave away all his earning power by choosing to let someone else tell him what his time and productivity was worth.

It worked for a long while, companies flourished and people were happy, but not any more, that system hasn’t worked in 40 years. The idea, that a company is responsible for giving an employee lifetime employment, is a financial fairytale. That hasn’t worked since the 1950’s and the problem is that most people growing up today are basically taking financial advice from their parents who grew up in a totally different economy then we do today. So it’s amazing on how many people still buy into the idea that the secret to financial success is to go to college, get your degree and get a job at a big company and retire with a pension.

You and I both know that’s not happening, but I shared it with you so you know the difference where the American citizen basically traded their earning power for a bowl of company portage and why the word job is going extinct. Because people who are savvy, people who understand how money works are going back to where we were a hundred years ago, saying “hey let me be responsible for my own earnings.” “I don’t want anyone telling me how much money I could make.”

So this is the DEAL…..Free Enterprise is where it’s at!!
Profits are better then Wages


Profits are the money that you can earn by providing service to others.

And that’s what we’re about here at Liberty League, the service we provide is:
- an incredible product that is worth far more then it’s price tag
- the leadership we offer
- and the community to plug into

When people chose to commit to the product and be involved with the community it’s the greatest value that they will ever have in any other area of their life.

It’s the business that will let the single mom breathe easy, and be home with her child(ren) when the school bus drops off the kids. It’s the kind of business that will allow a broke piano player/assistant manager for a retail store to come in and make more in a month then they did in a year.

YES, Free Enterprise is where it’s at!! And underneath all the money is the FREEDOM…..the ability to finally have enough money flowing in your life so you can do whatever you want to do, when you want to do it with the people you’re in love with.

That’s what freedom is, that’s what I’m about and that’s what Liberty League is all about; providing people the opportunity to create freedom through free enterprise.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Abraham-Hicks Rampage of Wellbeing - Awakening - Enlightenment

Be Inspired!!

The Seven Critical Traits of Top Entrepreneurs

1. Have passion - Mr. Trump has never said to me, “Be passionate!” Yet it’s at the core or his thinking. Exactly what is passion? He summarizes it as, “Enthusiasm on a big scale.”

2. Be tenacious-Mr. Trump is not someone who lets me, or anyone in his organization, give up on any project until every possibility of success has been explored. Consider the fact that he bought the land for Trump Place in Manhattan way back in 1974 - and it is now nearing completion. That’s tenacity.

3. Think big - We all have to start with small steps on any project, but Mr. Trump urges people to take the biggest steps they are capable of. “Thinking big can get you to the top,” he once said, “and I can tell you, it’s not lonely up here!”

4. Be a sponge for new information and ideas - There’s really no such thing as knowing too much about what you’re doing. Despite his packed schedule, Mr. Trump reads everything he can and strives to get information he can use from everyone he meets. There’s often a book on his desk, and I find that inspiring.

5. Take action - When you know need what you need to know about a project or idea, you need to move decisively. Yet Mr. Trump also has a flexible philosophy and he’s willing to take a step back and start again - tenaciously - if the time is not right to move forward. So it is a matter of taking risks, but considered risks. Mr. Trump once said, “A lot of people are afraid to fail, so they don’t try. They talk, but they don’t do. That’s the perfect formula for failure.”

6. Learn to negotiate - “Learning to negotiate is invaluable if you hope to connect in any way with other people.”

7. Enjoy competition - Your competitors are there to help you perform better in the world and - certainly - achieve more success than they have. “Competition forces me to outdo myself,” Mr. Trump has said. “I love competition because, ultimately, it makes me bigger.”

To those of you who are in the United States, I wish you a happy Fourth of July holiday. America is great place to launch a great business. And to our foreign readers, all good wishes for every success. I believe the seven traits I outline above can offer you a blueprint for winning.

Article by Michael Sexton

Monday, July 2, 2007

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quotes

The ability to imagine what you are wanting, rather than only observing what-is, is what takes you beyond. You are a physical being, but you are much more.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wake UP to Success - 3 P's to Success -- Purpose, Passion Practice


You have to have purpose before anything else falls into place.
If you don’t have guidance you’re like bouncing off the walls.
Life without purpose is like a “hamster in a ball”, bouncing all over the place, thinking you getting somewhere, but remaining in the same place.
There’s no deliberation in what you’re doing.

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” is a great example taking someone’s life and finding their true potential, who they are and what they want in life.
In the book, this guy was living real scattered in his life, then to realize there are three types of people in this world:
The person who makes it happen;
The other person who watches it happen;
And the person who wonders how it happens.
I used to live my life working for corporate America and just going through the motions and making it happen for someone else and wondering what was going on in my life; not very focused at all, just living my life. Then I aligned myself with Liberty League and now I wake up excited about what I’m going to create for the day. Not like I used to where it was wake up and okay….cruise through my day and go through the motions, with no guidance or purpose as to why I was there. Getting involved with Liberty League has helped me get clear with why I’m here and what I want for myself.

It’s very exciting when passion and purpose come together; it’s like that burning excitement for life. You the read cannot understand until you experience it for yourself. And an INCREDIBLE feeling it is.

It all starts with you and starting that first step into your journey and when you know what your purpose is, it only takes that first step to keep going.

Steven Spielberg’s movie - Joe vs. the Volcano:
Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are floating on a boat and Meg says “My father once told me that almost the whole world is completely asleep, but the very few that choose to be awake live in a complete and total state of amazement.”

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wake UP to Success -- 3 P’s of Success - Purpose, Passion, Practice


Passion is a natural choice and what occupies your attention.
Passion drives itself.
For instance, personal development and say goal cards are a tool designed to help you reconnect with what you used to do naturally; reminders to get connected to what you want, taking your eye off the drama and mundane stuff and get connected to what’s really important to you.

Getting clear on your goals brings you clarity and awareness and is incredibly important part of “stirring-up” your passion. The natural enthusiasms that we were born with and somewhere along the way have lost touch.

If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing – LOVE what doing and PASSIONATE about what you’re doing – you won’t succeed.

First you get clear on your purpose and passion is that natural innate enthusiasm that we all have when we’re clear on our purpose.

So go ahead and design you perfect day....AND GET PASSIONATE!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Wake UP to Success -- 3 P's to Success - Purpose Passion, Practice

Some people have greatness thrust upon them….Few have excellence thrust upon them….they achieve it.
They do not achieve it unwittingly by doing what comes naturally and they don’t stumble into it in the course of amusing themselves.
All excellence involves discipline and tenacity of purpose – John William Gardner

Practicing your craft – doing the thing….being engaged in the actual nuts and bolts that creates results.
Think Capitalism – Free Enterprise – Engaging in a business where you’re giving someone far more in value, then you receive in compensation.

Personal Development in its self is all about awareness, clarity, discovering who you are and your personal power. Practicing is getting engaged in the process that allows you to generate an income -- Linking the income producing activity.

Liberty League International is a lifestyle company that requires for one to apply the discipline and tenacity of purpose. What we have here is the ability to live an incredible lifestyle, to actually have the utmost experience of life and to live a life to the fullest. Life is about having the experience which involves taking action. It’s the action in this business that produces the income that gives us the freedom.

At LLI you have seven different ways to produce income:
Beyond Freedom Sales
Referred Beyond Freedom Sales
Liberty Conference Sales
Referred Liberty Conference Sales
Summit Conference Sales
Referred Summit Conference Sales
Revenue Reimbursement Rewards
A powerful compensation plan that rewards us for taking the actions you’re willing to take.

A mason complaining about his boss……
….. “I make $18.00 per hour and I saw my boss hand someone a bid for a job and on that bid the hourly rate was $50.00 per hour.”
The mason was upset that his boss was making $32.00 per hour while he was only making $18.00 per hour for the work he was doing. He was irritated and grumbling about the fact that he was only one of the 40 masons his boss was working with.

Yes, it’s irritating, but it’s called leverage and at the end of the day the bottom line is the employer deserves to charge $50.00 per hour and make $32.00 per hour for the job where the employee only makes $18.00 per hour, because the employer is the one who invested in the company and willing to take the risks. The employer is the one who gets up every single day and with discipline moves forward in his business, making sure he’s connecting with his customers and making sure his customers are getting what they deserve.
The employer is delivering and the employee is the one willing to pack his lunch, drive to the site and work for the employer so that the employer can make more money then the employee.

So the decision is:

Are you the one who’s going to take the risk and invest in yourself?

If not, then stay an employee and be happy about it.

Or, take advantage of the leverage and be the business owner.


“I had already proven that I was willing to pay the price, I was just paying the wrong price”

We’re all willing to put the time and effort into something. Are you doing it in a certain way or the right activity?

Have Purpose and Passion and then Practice

I’m a single mom determined to pave my own way and provide my son the lifestyle he deserves. I had the fortitude to believe in myself and take the risk.
The one thing, which I knew then and know now, for certain was that I was the person that could get the job done, show up everyday, forge forward and take the action.

I structure my time – practice makes perfect.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wake UP to Success -- Purpose Passion Practice

Purpose - Willingness to move forward
Purpose is the desire to create an ideal lifestyle for ourselves and our families.
We at Liberty League empower others; we offer an incredible product that is worth for more that its price tag. We benefit tremendously from pointing people to their ideal lifestyle, but ultimately our purpose is to be successful first.
That's my biggest responsibility to me, my family and the community of people I associate with here at Liberty League. By being true to my purpose I lead by example and so does everyone else here at LLI. The purpose is to discover how powerful and capable I am in creating the life that I desire. Living deliberately and on purpose.

Passion – is what moves us; drives us and will take us wherever we want to go.
Passion is the emotional reward in choosing to be the leader. Purpose is the desire and Passion is the pay off of actually living the life I desire.
The emotional payoff that will drive you to get up the next morning and continue to take the steps to reach your goals. It’s powerful to know that you’re doing what you’re suppose to be doing and your thoughts and actions are in alignment.
There is nothing that substitutes the power of the passionate person.
Being a passionate person is a choice and it’s an action you can actually choose.

Practice – life is not a dress rehearsal and everything we do matters.
The choice to be engaged in “the thing” that gets the results -- Taking the action that brings you closer to your purpose.

The Connection:
You can’t get into practice if you don’t have passion and you can’t be passionate if you don’t have the purpose.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Coaching Series Program

A coaching series is the First step to self mastery! It is a powerful 90 day Multimedia life achievement course. It provides you with the knowledge to be, do, or have anything you want for yourself and your life.

It gives you quality of life back. It can create personal growth within you and strengthen your abilities to achieve any goal you set for yourself in life.

Personal development has given many people their life and family back. It creates a positive influence on the people around you and they in turn get excited about life again.

You can find your purpose, your why. It is a tool for self discovery that is created through a series of goal setting exercises, webinars, conference calls and a journaling system. It is your complete 90 day Personal Growth process. It has assisted many people to getting back to a point in their lives where they are enthusiastic and fired up about life everyday!

Think of it as you personal lifetime achievement course.

You and your family deserve to be free. Are you ready to change your life, simply by choice and the tools to do so? If yes, you are ready for a coaching series in your life.